On-Campus Windows 7 Presence is Nonexistent on Launch Day

So today was supposed to be the big day, right? It’s October 22nd and Microsoft’s next big OS, Windows 7, hits the shelves. Despite Microsoft’s attempts to hook the college demographic, things couldn’t have seemed more slow here today. I was expecting maybe a booth set up somewhere, or maybe just a poster somewhere on a wall? I was expecting a little more than, well, nothing.

I’m a Computer Science major, and yet I didn’t hear a single word about Windows 7 today, and haven’t really heard anything prior to the launch. Maybe this is a side effect of living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but still, I’ve seen Mac and Dell booths set up on campus before, and they had no issue getting out here.

Maybe there is good reason for the complete and utter lack of Windows 7 recognition or excitement. While I could pick up a copy of Windows 7 for a very reasonable $30 (as a university student), I can’t really think of any reason to do so. I feel as though the only people who were aware of the Window 7 launch here were folks like these.

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