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Update to Windows 7 battery issue

Last week we covered the issue about Windows 7 users reporting their battery life has dropped from several hours to 30 minutes after upgrading to Windows 7. ...

Windows 7- the Netbook edition?

Windows 7 has been gaining in popularity since it came out late last year.  Its all the good parts of Windows and Vista, without all the bulk.  Its also the pri...
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Will Windows 7 Mean More Expensive Netbooks?

The Industry Standard reports that the introduction of Windows 7 in October could bring a price increase for netbooks as Microsoft will likely ask for more than the $15 it currently charges for manufacturers to install Windows XP. An analyst speaking to the Standard feels that with Windows 7 coming to netbooks we'll see prices rise and $300 netbooks become a thing of the past. Well Windows based $300 netbooks anyway.