Update to Windows 7 battery issue

Picture 2Last week we covered the issue about Windows 7 users reporting their battery life has dropped from several hours to 30 minutes after upgrading to Windows 7.

Microsoft has issued a statement about this issue on their MSDN blog:

“To the very best of the collective ecosystem knowledge, Windows 7 is correctly warning batteries that are in fact failing and Windows 7 is neither incorrectly reporting on battery status nor in any way whatsoever causing batteries to reach this state. In every case we have been able to identify the battery being reported on was in fact in need of recommended replacement. …every single indication we have regarding the reports we’ve seen are simply Windows 7 reporting the state of the battery using this new feature and we’re simply seeing batteries that are not performing above the designated threshold. … We are as certain as we can be that we have addressed the root cause and concerns of this report, but we will continue to monitor the situation.”

Well, Microsoft is saying everything is working.  But, the users are still reporting issues?  How is this going to wind up?  Is it really the fault of the PC manufacturers?Are we dealing with a bad battery manufacturer?  What is next for this?

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