One Laptop Per Child Specs Released

Someday soon underprivileged children will carry super efficient laptops with a 500 MHz AMD processor, 128 MB of RAM, 512 MB Flash Drive and a dual-mode LCD, running at 640×480 in color mode and 1110×830 in black and white. One Laptop Per Child chairman Nicholas Negroponte detailed the specs during a speech at the LinuxWorld Conference in Boston today. The hand-crank idea has been nixed, and a pedal powered idea is being considered. Regardless, the entire machine will use two watts of juice, one watt for the display and one for everything else.

Microsoft is developing a Windows CE OS especially designed for the OLPC. The OLPC project originally planned to run the laptops on Linux, but is steering away from it due to code bloat.

The laptop computers will be sold to governments and NGOâ€â„¢s in developing nations starting in 2007 for $135, with the price sliding down over the next few years, ending up at $50 in 2010.


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