Bing Cashback Program Discontinued July 30 – Rewards Good for 1 Year

Faithful Bing Cashback shoppers should have received an email today detailing the discontinuation of the Bing Cashback Program. Bing Cashback was a program in which users are paid for using Bing to shop for products online. The “reward” ranged from 2-10% cashback from most items purchased. However, during Black Friday in 2008, back when the service was known as Cashback, consumers were offered 40% off the entire Hewlett-Packard Store purchase.

Consumers will be able to take advantage of Bing Cashback rewards up until July 30, 2010 at 9:00 PM PST. Also, all current Cashback savings may be redeemed through July 30, 2011, giving everyone a full year to claim their savings. During this one year grace period, the Bing Cashback customer support system will remain active. In an effort to encourage early savings redemption, Bing will be waiving the $5 minimum payout, effective July 31,2010. Customers are encouraged to visit to verify that their account information is current.

Despite the program being terminated, there is hope. The Bing Cashback team hints at a new program emerging with this statement from their email: “Thank you very much for being a loyal cashback user.  We remain committed to delivering great value to our customers, and we are currently working on an exciting new program which you will hear more about from us later this summer.” It’s anyone’s guess as to what this new program will consist of, but for now, take advantage of the time remaining to get some good deals.