Crysis For Your Gaming Notebook (50% off, this weekend)

Getting yourself a snazzy new gaming notebook this holiday season? What do you do with it once you’ve got it? Well for one, you could snag this great deal of the game Crysis that Steam is running over this weekend which will let you purchase a copy of Crysis (the original game), and Crysis Warhead (the expansion) for $15 each, which is 50% off the regular price. Both of these games are standalone, so you don’t need one to play the other.

Here is the deal page. The deal is only good for this weekend so jump on it if you are interested.

Though be warned, you won’t be running Cyrsis on anything without a powerful dedicated graphics card. Crysis is renowned for running the powerful Crytek engine which features some of the worlds most advanced graphics and physics. Performance of this game has commonly been a benchmark for desktop gaming rigs, but a powerful gaming notebook will be able to handle it. Take a look at the video below to see what Crysis is all about:

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