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OS X Lion Mission Control Screenshot

OS X Lion Coming Wednesday at 8:30 am?

Will OS X Lion drop this week on Wednesday? One report says it will show up in the Mac App Store at 8:30 am Eastern Wednesday morning. Based on the stability of...

How to Backup to an External Hard Drive

In a previous Notebooks.com article we looked at using System Imaging as handy way to backup our entire computer. The benefits being, you are able to keep a saf...

Jolicloud 1.0 Netbook OS Now Available

Jolicloud just released Jolicloud 1.0, an operating system designed for netbook, as a free download for use with your netbook. Last month, we covered Netbook...

Top 5 Operating Systems for Netbooks

In addition to upping the number of individuals who enjoy computing on the go netbooks have done one thing that notebooks have largely failed to do; bring atten...
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Windows Explorer: What’s new in Windows 7?

Windows Explorer has gone through some significant enhancements in Windows 7, featuring a more refreshing, cleaner design that focuses on simplicity and accessibility. In this article we take a look at some of the changes and improvements such as the new text only Command Bar buttons and Libraries which focuses on aggregating data from desperate locations shared between multiple PC’s within your home network.
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Using the Improved Taskbar and Start Menu in Windows 7

Two critical elements that have been revamped for the better are the Taskbar and Start Menu. Some persons I have had conversations with about Windows 7 think it’s a minor release and it’s just Windows Vista reloaded. Yes, it is built on Vista and that’s a very good thing, which means, your investments in that version of Windows will be brought forward in areas of application and device driver compatibility. Apart from that, what new user experiences does Windows 7 introduce? What about the learning curve?
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How to Upgrade to Windows 7

We recently took a look at installing the Windows 7 using a Clean/Custom Install scenario. This next article will involve doing an in-place upgrade from an existing version of Windows such as Windows Vista SP1 to Windows 7.
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How to install Windows 7

Starting October 22nd, many people will start the process of upgrading from previous versions of Windows to Windows 7 RTM. After spending a long while with Windows 7 as my main OS since January 7th, I am excited about this major release that introduces many benefits to daily experiences on the PC at home and work. I want to take a look at installing Windows 7 and I will also be doing an Upgrade Story in a future post, just to get an idea of what its like. Let's get started!
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HyperSpace: Instant on Coming to Nettops

How often do you sit there waiting for the Windows Boot Screen to disappear, just wishing that you could be happily on your way to Twitter or watching a TV Show on Hulu over your lunch break? My guess is pretty often. One of the biggest complaints that people have with their computers is that they take "forever" to boot up and let them do something. While each version of windows boots faster if you really want instant on access you need to have an operating system like Phoenix Technologies’' HyperSpace.