HyperSpace: Instant on Coming to Nettops

How often do you sit there waiting for the Windows Boot Screen to disappear, just wishing that you could be happily on your way to Twitter or watching a TV Show on Hulu over your lunch break?

My guess is pretty often. One of the biggest complaints that people have with their computers is that they take “forever” to boot up and let them do something. While each version of windows boots faster if you really want instant on access you need to have an operating system like Phoenix Technologies” HyperSpace.

Hyperspace is a Linux OS based on the Mobilin Linux kernel, a version of Linux that is gaining popularity amongst a small subset of netbook users. According to Phoenix Technologies, HyperSpace “delivers instant-on, always-connected access to the Internet and key productivity applications such as HyperSpace Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Hulu, McAfee, Real Networks, Yahoo Search, etc.” This instant gratification mode of computing is very attractive to both consumers and manufacturers.

Previously HyperSpace was aimed at the notebook and netbook markets since the light and fast to boot operating system was also very battery-friendly but today Phoenix Technologies announced a partnership with Intel to distribute the HyperSpace software with Intel Desktop motherboards for the Atom 230 and 330 processors. This partnership will allow nettop and other low cost devices to turn on instantly and allow for faster development of these increasingly popular devices.

Tim Barjarin a consumer computing analyst with Creative Strategies lauded the partnership saying, “By pre-integrating HyperSpace with Intel Atom processor-based nettop boards, they are enabling products that deliver end users connectivity, versatility and usability.”

It will definitely be interesting to see how this affects the low cost computer market. So many of these devices, whether they are netbooks or nettops, are judged by how quickly they can turn on and as the devices enter more of our lives we will expect these devices to turn on as fast as our iPhones do. One of the best ways for nettops to invade living rooms is to be able to instantly deliver access to the Internet and specialized applications like many of the coming Internet Enabled HDTVs will be able to do.

For a more detailed look at Hyperspace you can read Xavier’s first impression and check out the video below from jkOnTheRun and read their first look at HyperSpace.

If you’re interested in trying out HyperSpace on your Intel powered Notebook or Netbook there is a free trial of the software available for 21 days in both the Dual and Hybrid flavors to meet your needs and hardware.

Currently if you want to purchase HyperSpace for your laptop your only option is a 1 or a 3 year subscription which ranges from $40 to $160. We don’t have confirmation that this will continue for nettops built through this partnership but it is a likely option. Personally I hope they work out a non subscription model or reduce the prices since I’m not a fan of subscribing to most software, especially an operating system.

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