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The economy's in the dumps and we know our readers aren't buying as many computers and accessories as usual. To help aid your gadget deficit, we're kicking off the GottaBeMobile and Notebooks.com Gadget Stimulus Plan. Stay tuned to Notebooks.com and GottaBeMobile for your chance to win.

ThinkPads Get Tough, Meet Mil-Spec Standards

Lenovo's designated eight ThinkPads for use in semi-rugged computing environments such as construction sites and police vehicles. Eight ThinkPads meet military specification (MIL-SPEC) standards, which mean they can stand up to vibrations, extreme temperatures, dust and other hazards. Lenovo's now offering an optional 680-nit display for the ThinkPad T400 to improve viewability in outdoor applications.

CES 2009: Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds (video)

w700dsLenovo's ThinkPad W700ds is the world's first workstation to have dual displays. Tom Ribble, director of ThinkPad marketing, explains the benefits of dual displays.

ThinkPad W700ds: Workstation with Dual-Displays

w700ds_18Lenovo's officially announcing the ThinkPad W700ds workstation today and I look forward to spending some time with one at CES this week. The ThinkPad W700ds has a primary 17-inch display and a 10.6-inch display that pops out to the right to provide extra work space for power users like engineers and video editors.
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All ThinkPad SL, T and X Series Notebooks Get 3G

All Lenovo ThinkPad SL, T and X series notebooks will now come standard with an embedded 3G card to connect to AT&T mobile broadband network. The internal 3G card was previously an option on these ThnkPads and cost up to $150.
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ThinkPad X200s and X200t Announced

Lenovo's introduced the ThinkPad X200s, a lightweight business notebook for business travelers and the X200t,the first widescreen ThinkPad tablet. Tom Ribble, the director of worldwide ThinkPad marketing, called me this morning to talk about the latest additions to the ThinkPad family.
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IdeaPad S10 Demo (video)

Lenovo's IdeaPad S10 was on display at the Intel Developer's Forum in San Francisco today and we got a full demo. The S10 is well built and has a lot of features not found on other netbooks in its price range. The IdeaPad S10 is now available for order from $429.
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ThinkPad W700: Lenovo Intros Biggest ThinkPad Yet (videos)

Lenovo's making a serious first-splash into the mobile workstation market with the ThinkPad W700, a 17-inch workstation that can be configured with an integrated Wacom digitizer and an integrated color calibration system. The ThinkPad W700 is an impressive piece of engineering and offers the notebook market some much-needed innovation.
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Lenovo Olympic Ads…What Were They 'Think'ing?

I'm watching the Olympic opening ceremonies right now and the production is absolutely amazing. Between performances there are some pretty entertaining and creative ads, full of Olympic spirit. Unfortunately, stuffed somewhere in there is Lenovo's amazingly lame "sumo" ad.
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Video: IdeaPad S10 Hands On

Lenovo gave me a quick look at the IdeaPad S10 during a meeting in San Francisco yesterday. The IdeaPad S10 is Lenovo's entry into the 'netbook' market and will start at just $399.
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IdeaPad S10: Lenovo Mini Notebook for $399

Lenovo's jumped into the mini-notebook game with the IdeaPad S10 today. Weighing in at less than 2.5-pounds, the IdeaPad S10 features a 10.2-inch display and will cost just $399 in its basic configuration.
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ThinkPad X200 Review

Lenovo officially introduced the ThinkPad X200 today, but was kind enough to send me an early review unit last week. The X200 is Lenovo's new 12-inch business notebook and it's been a joy to use for the past few days. The X200 has a starting price of just $1,199, making it an excellent value for anyone who needs a fully-capable notebook that can get them through a full work day.
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Lenovo’s VP of Marketing on the New IdeaPad Series

IdeaPad InterviewLenovo's introduced the IdeaPad notebook series at CES 2008. I talked to Craig Merrigan, Lenovo's VP of consumer marketing, about the new line of consumer notebooks. The company is very late to the consumer notebook table, and faces several challenges.
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Lenovo VeriFace Recognition (video)

lenovo veriface recogitionLenovo's VeriFace Recognition let's you use your face as your password. Instead of typing in your password, the Lenovo IdeaPad's webcam detects your face and automatically logs you into your account. Matt Kohut says this system is secure and is tough to trick. Check out the video demo below.
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Lenovo IdeaPad U110 Demo (video)

Lenovo IdeaPad U110Here's a demo of the just-announced Lenovo IdeaPad U110 with Matt Kohut. The IdeaPad is built for consumers, and is a clear departure from the company's flagship ThinkPad series.
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Lenovo Mobile Internet Device (video)

Lenovo Mobile Internet DeviceHere's a video of a yet to be announced Lenovo mobile Internet device. The device looks pretty sleek and is another example of how Lenovo's shifting some of its focus to the consumer marketplace. The company introduced the IdeaBook line for consumers this week and may announce this MID at CES 2008.