Video: IdeaPad S10 Hands On

Lenovo gave me a quick look at the IdeaPad S9/S10 during a meeting in San Francisco yesterday. The IdeaPad S10 is Lenovo’s entry into the ‘netbook’ market and will start at just $399.

The S9/S10’s chasis feels pretty well solid and well balanced for such an affordable notebook, but the prototype wasn’t functional so I couldn’t play with it as much as I wanted to. The IdeaPad in the below video has a 9-inch display and will be marketed as the S9 in Asia (notice the thick bezel around the display), but is otherwise identical to the 10-inch version that will be sold in the U.S.

update: in my rush to record and get this video up I referred to it as the IdeaPad S10, but it’s actually an S9. The S9’s and S10’s chassis are identical.
IdeaPad S10 Pricing and Specs

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