Start Up Drag Race: Lenovo IdeaPad vs. Apple MacBook Air

At CES 2011, Lenovo showed us several IdeaPad notebooks that can start up in about 10 seconds thanks to Rapid Drive, which is part of Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience 2. Rapid Drive is a scheme that pairs a low-capacity Solid State Drive (SSD) with a traditional hard drive, providing the best of both worlds without the hefty cost of high-capacity SSDs.

When the new MacBook Air was announced a few months ago, we were really impressed by how fast it could start up. The IdeaPad Y560 seemed to boot up even faster than the new MacBook Air, so we decided to do a side-by-side comparison. While our test isn’t exactly scientific, you can see that the Y560 did go from off to a usable desktop slightly faster than the 13″ MacBook Air.

While there are features more important than boot-up time to consider when shopping for a notebook, it is definitely something to consider, especially if you lug your laptop from place to place.

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