How to use Windows 7 Jump Lists

One of the major improvements in Windows 7 is the Taskbar. It introduces a new approach to using it with more flexibility and power built in while remaining fam...

How to Change Taskbar Size or Position

By default, the Windows 7 Taskbar is situated at the bottom of the screen, but if you would prefer to have it at the side or the top of the screen, you can do t...
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Best Place to Buy a Notebook

Where is the best place to buy a notebook? In short, someplace with a well trained and specialized sales staff. For most consumers buying a new computer is a...

Best Buy Offers HP Desktop, Laptop, Netbook, Monitor and more for $1200

In celebration of Windows 7 launching Best Buy is offering a sweet deal to get your entire household upgraded to Windows 7. The new promotion which will run through January includes an HP desktop, 18.5" monitor, laptop, netbook, wireless router and Geek Squad setup for just $1,200! If you've been looking for a great deal on Windows 7 computers for your home, small business or even to split with a friend Best Buy's PC Home Makeover Package is it
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A Tour: Windows 7 Desktop, Windows Explorer and Control Panel

The Windows 7 Desktop puts a lot of power in your view, for Windows XP users in particular, I would like to get you up to speed on some of the improvements. I hope to make this a series of post touring the changes that have been introduced in this release. Lets see what's new.
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Using the Windows 7 Desktop – Fun Time Savers

Windows Vista provides some fun animation and effects to the Windows Desktop, (Flip 3D and Alt-Tab-2D). Windows 7 adds further pizzazz with a set of entertaining visual cues that makes working with Windows a great time on the PC. Let’s check some of them out!
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A Guided Tour of Windows 7 for New Users

So you have finally made the move from Windows XP to Windows 7, everything is working great, but a few things have changed. Yes indeed, there is a new look, but a familiar experience along with numerous changes and improvements since the release of Windows XP back in October 2001. For some persons, it might be a bit overwhelming, to help make the transition a smooth one, here is a quick guide to help familiarize yourself with some of the changes and benefits.