A Tour: Windows 7 Desktop, Windows Explorer and Control Panel

The Windows 7 Desktop puts a lot of power in your view, for Windows XP users in particular, I would like to get you up to speed on some of the improvements. I hope to make this a series of post touring the changes that have been introduced in this release. Lets see what’s new.

Desktop Experience 1

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Desktop Experience 2

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Explorer Tour 1 - Writer version

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Explorer Tour 2 - Writer version 

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Control Panel contains a collection of new items that help be more productive, keep your information and computer secure  and easily maintained.

As we approach the final release of Windows 7 coming this October, there is a lot to expect, these early previews are just glimpses of some of the powerful capabilities users will be able to immediately taking advantage of. Windows 7 promises to truly redefine how you work with your personal information and the view from the desktop has never been more fun.

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