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Best Buy Offers HP Desktop, Laptop, Netbook, Monitor and more for $1200

In celebration of Windows 7 launching Best Buy is offering a sweet deal to get your entire household upgraded to Windows 7. The new promotion which will run through January includes an HP desktop, 18.5" monitor, laptop, netbook, wireless router and Geek Squad setup for just $1,200! If you've been looking for a great deal on Windows 7 computers for your home, small business or even to split with a friend Best Buy's PC Home Makeover Package is it

The 2009 Black Friday Predictions Have Arrived

As Xavier mentioned in his hands on look at the new Dell Inspiron 14z it's almost time for the Christmas shopping season. For dealseekers that means but one thing, Black Friday! It's only September but there's already a collection of 2009 Black Friday Predictions to help you make your shopping lists.

Best Buy’s “Next Class” Laptops Come Fully Loaded

nextclassThe sad part about getting a good deal on a laptop, especially during back to school time, is that too often you have to spend another $150 to $200 bucks to convert all of the trial software to full versions a month later.

Microsoft’s New ‘Laptop Hunters’ Ad (video)

microsoft_laptop_hunters_3Microsoft's new Laptop Hunters ad follows a mother and son who are shopping for an entertainment notebook that costs $1,500 or less. The pair settle on a Sony VAIO FW series notebook after 11-year old Jackson observes that MacBooks are "way more money dude..."
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Black Friday: Toshiba Satellite L305D for $379 at Best Buy

Best Buy will feature the Toshiba Satellite L305D for $379 on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving). As one of Best Buy's Black Friday doorbusters, the Satellite L305D will be available in extremely limited quantities and you'll probably have to camp out to get one.
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Black Friday: 15 Tips for Buying a Black Friday Notebook (or Not Buying One)

It's that time of year again, when notebook buyers across the country start plotting how they're going to score a cheap notebook on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving that kicks off the holiday shopping season. We're going to start tracking the deals on our Black Friday Notebooks page, but before you commit to neglecting your family on Thanksgiving or camping out your local notebook dealer's parking lot I wanted to offer a few words of caution.
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Best Buy Black Friday: $1,000 and VIP Treatment for 25 Winners

Best Buy is holding a contest that should make Black Friday aficionados salivate. Winners of the Black Friday Contest will get a limo ride to one of the 25 participating Best Buys, be able to start shopping before the doors open for the rest of the Black Friday shoppers and spend a $1,000 Best Buy gift card.
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Heath Ledger's Best Buy 'Tribute'… Someone Should be Fired

heathledgememorial.jpgI didn't realize Best Buy was struggling so badly that it had to resort to this "tribute" to Heath Ledger just a few hours after his death. Someone that works at the Missin Valley San Diego Best Buy threw a few DVDs on a table and erected a sign in the same format of a tombstone (name, dates of birth/death and a couple of lines about how the person's going to be remembered) before many even knew he had passed away.
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Dell Laptops Coming to Best Buy

Best Buy DellBest Buy will begin selling Dell Inspiron and XPS notebooks at more than 900 U.S. stores over the next few weeks. It's about time Dell established a serious retail presence, but the timing is really off. It would have been great for Dell and shoppers to have these notebooks on display for the entire holiday season.
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Best Buy Employees Hoarded Black Friday Laptops?

Best Buy Black Friday It's hard enough to give up part of Thanksgiving and camp in a cold parking lot to get a great deal. But some Best Buy employees allegedly made the experience absolutely miserable by passing over some customers and playing favorites. One family waited in line for 14 hours and didn't get the computer they wanted and watched as a Best Buy employee smuggled a voucher for the same laptop to his girlfriend.