Microsoft’s New ‘Laptop Hunters’ Ad (video)

Microsoft’s new Laptop Hunters commercial follows a mother and son who are shopping for an entertainment notebook that costs $1,500 or less. The pair settle on a Sony VAIO FW series notebook after 11-year old Jackson observes that MacBooks are “way more money dude…”

Microsoft’s new commercial emphasizes the variety of affordable PC notebooks. While you can choose from dozens of PC notebooks priced under $1,500, you’re options are extremely limited if you want to switch to a Mac. Apple sells the white plastic MacBook for $999 and the aluminum MacBooks for $1,299 and up. The 15″ MacBook Pro starts at $1,999 and the 17″ MacBook Pro starts at $2,799.

Those who put a high priority on OSX, iLife 09 and other Mac applications will obviously opt for a Mac, regardless of price. Apple makes some excellent notebooks and software and if you have your heart set on one you should get one.

The $899 Sony VAIO FW notebook shown in this commercial has some features you that don’t come on much more expensive MacBook Pros. The Sony VAIO FW comes with a 16.4″ widescreen display, 4GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive and Blu-ray player. It’s not nearly refined as a MacBook Pro, but it offers a lot of functionality for $899. More importantly it fits these shopper’s needs without breaking the bank.

Here’s some more info on the  Sony VAIO FW series.

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