How to Possibly Get an iPhone 4 on Launch Day at Best Buy

UPDATE: Best Buy is now saying they are not taking any more preorders of any of the iphone 4 models as per there FAQ.

Original article…

If you are like me and did not get an order in for a new iPhone yesterday  you are looking at a July 2nd ship date if you want it delivered to your door. You could take your chances and stand in a line at an Apple Store. Or you could do what I just did and reserve an iPhone 4 at your local Best Buy and pick it up on June 24.

I live near Hickory, NC, which is usually a drawback when it comes to enjoying the latest and greatest in tech. Unless you order online yup aren’t going to see it in person. And the closest Apple Store is at least 90 minutes away by car. But in this case it may have been a plus.

When I saw it would likely be into July before I got one shipped I was thinking I might just wait and get one of the white ones later this summer. But then this morning I was in Hickory near a Best Buy store and on a whim I went in and asked about reserving one. They clerk said that they already had about 12 or 13 reservations so I would be about 13 or 14 if I reserved right then. I did.

The way iPhone 4 reservations work at Best Buy is that you sign up for either a 16GB or 32GB model. I chose the 32 GB model because the salesperson said there were very few of that model reserved. They are taking reservations for white iPhone 4’s, but they definitely won’t be ready for awhile. So I chose black. Best Buy takes your phone number and will call once they have yours in stock. He told me that they would likely be calling a day or two before the June 24 launch date to set up appointments so they are not overrun first thing in the morning. Those who reserve will get preference over those who show up so long as they agree to come in at the appointed time. To ensure you are serious you have to buy a $50 gift card. But if you choose not go through with the purchase the card is like any other gift card; you can use it to buy anything in the store.

I swiped my ATM card and made my purchase. Since there were very few reservations for the 32 GB model, I like my chances of getting one on June 24.

My advice is if you want to get one at a Best Buy on June 24, go now. The longer you wait the less likely you are to get one. If you live near a smaller town that has fewer people who want cook tech toys, go there. And ask how may they have reserved of each kind and choose the one with fewer reservations.

Here is my reservation gift card.

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