Snapheal 2.0 Review: Remove Distractions from Photos in a Snap

Snapheal 2.0 is a $8 photo editing tool capable of fixing photos and removing distractions from photos, with a magic erasing tool that’s easy enough for anyone to use.

Photographers can spend hundreds on a tool like Photoshop or even $60-$100 on more consumer friendly photo editing packages like Photoshop Elements, but Snapheal 2.0 ($7.99 in Mac App Store) does a fantastic job of making quick corrections.

Snapheal 2.0 fixes photo exposure but the magic erasing tool is the star of the show, removing lens dust and other annoying blemishes that can make an otherwise beautiful photo ordinary.

snapheal erases distracting objects


The star of the Snapheal app comes from fixing pictures with distractions. Above, notice the bug photo my son took on a highway Southern Alabama this summer. I fixed the over exposed image and bumped up the color saturation. Then I removed a distracting element along the right to push all the focus to the bug. I did this by coloring the image with a brush in the erase tool.

I can use it to take things out of photos I don’t want, like power lines in a landscape or that idiot who photo bombed my family vacation portrait in front of the Jackson Square church in New Orleans French Quarter.

boats on bayou after snapheal

After using Snapheal 2.0 the distracting element is gone.

I really like this app. I look forward to when they will make it a plugin for other applications like Photoshop or Aperture. That way, when I edit photos like the one above taken at Bayou Le Batre on the Gulf of Mexico, I can quickly erase distracting elements while using my powerful editing tool for more advanced color correction.

boats on bayou before snapheal

Before using Snapheal to erase the distracting object in the bottom left

I simply drew over the elements in the bottom left corner and hit one button to erase the object. It left a bit of a dark space so I drew over that space and it did a nice job of sampling the surrounding water and erased it. If I wanted to use the above image for a nice print I might work on that area a bit in Photoshop, but for a snapshot it does a good job.

snapheal interface

MacPhun, the maker of Snapheal, will release 2.0 soon with some nice improvements more changes on the way, like making the app a Photoshop plugin. See the new version in action below:

Here’s their list of updates coming soon:

  • Innovative smart pixel identification algorithm for 2X faster erasing
  • New erasing tools: polygonal lasso, higher erasing precision, one-click switch between erasing modes.
  • New Retouch & Adjustment tools for Pro color play.
  • MacBook Pro Retina display support.
  • Clone & Stamp tool performance optimization.
  • New user interface design

shapheal sharing feature

Snapheal is a nice simple photo manipulation app that quickly corrects what every other photo apps corrects like color, exposure, sharpness, tint, color temperature and size/presentation. The last two come from the tools for cropping and resampling the pixels to make it larger or smaller. Furthermore, Snapheal will let users upload their photos to various sharing sites like Flickr, Facebook and via email.

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