How To Combat Computer Vision Syndrome [InfoGraphic]

Staring at our monitors and notebooks all day can range from fun to frustrating depending on the number of cute cat videos you watch, but it can also be dangerous to our vision.

According to the experts in eye care, Computer Vision Syndrome is a real problem that affects anyone who spends too much time staring at a computer screen, including tablets and smartphones.

You may already suffer from CVS symptoms without knowing it. If you commonly have blurry vision, headaches, dry eyes or long-term nearsightedness; it could be because you spend too much time looking at the computer screen.

How to Fight Computer Vision Syndrome

The first step in beating computer vision syndrome and the annoying headaches which accompany it is to have an ergonomic and eye friendly office setup. Surprisingly, using your notebook at a table is pretty good for your eyes. If you are at your normal desk though, make sure you observe good posture and observe the following screen rules.

  • Sit 20 to 26″ inches from your screen
  • Look slightly downward
  • Tilt you Display so the top is farther away than the bottom
  • Adjust font size so you don’t squint.

How to Stay Eye-Safe When Working on Computers All Day

If you spend most of your day looking at the screen, remember the 20-20-20 rule to keep you vision healthy and avoid headaches and blurry eyes. This rule is easy to follow.

  • Every 20 minutes
  • Take a 20 second break
  • Look at something 20 feet away

If you follow these simple steps, you can have a healthier computing experience. If you need to remember to take a break, you should look at a timer like Nag or another cheap reminder system.

Glasses For the Computer

gunnar optiks computer glasses

Gunnar Optiks are designed for long term computer use.

Just like you can purchase reading glasses, you can purchase computer glasses. These glasses are available from several vendors and come in prescription and non prescription versions.

Gunnar Optiks makes “high performance computer eyeware” that is designed to make it easier to look at screens longer. You can check out Gunnar glasses at select Best Buy locations and find an optometrist that can add your prescription to Gunnar lenses. There are an array of styles to suit your taste.

Computer Vision System Infographic

Computer Vision Syndrom Infographic

Infographic via Mezzmer Eyeglasses

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