Nag App for Mac Delivers Easy, On Demand Alarms

Nag for Mac is a Mac version of the popular iPhone app that allows users to easily set an alarm with the push of a button, without thinking about what time you need to set the clock for. For example, if you know that in 10 minutes you need to leave the coffeeshop to meet your wife for lunch, open up Nag, click the 1o icon and get back to work. After 10 minutes the app will “Nag” you with one of the bundled sounds.

The app is much simpler than opening up your phone, finding the alarm app, looking 10 minutes into the future and then setting the alarm with 7-10 taps.

Nag is pretty simple and straightforward, which means that you don’t have a lot of options, but that’s exactly why Nag is a nice break from complicated alarm apps or setting a calendar reminder. To set an alarm in Nag, you can click the icons to set up an alarm that meets your needs.

Clicking several times will add the time together. So, for a 15 minute alarm, you would hit the 5, and then the 10. You can also click the button that looks like a partial power button to set a reminder for the next hour, so if it was 11:37 and you hit this button, it would set an alarm for 12:00.

Overall the Nag for Mac app is great and it is well worth the 99 cents to anyone who wants to set easy on demand alarms to remember to stop doing something on their computer. The app is pretty popular with GTD users who want to move from one task to the next at a set time.

The Nag app isn’t designed to serve as an alarm clock or to link up to iTunes like some apps, so keep that in mind before you buy.

We do wish that the app had the option to bounce in the dock, or take the focus of the screen since we don’t always have our headphones on or the volume up to hear the reminder.

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