Start Standing Before You’re Laying Six Feet Under – Why You Need to Stand More (InfoGraphic)

Sitting down while you work isn’t just a cause of back pain and poor posture, it can lead to all sorts of nasty diseases and changes in your body that lead to an early death. You might like to joke hat your job is killing you, but it may really be your chair.

Because our bodies aren’t built for sitting all day long, on average 9.3 hours, we are plagued by a whole host of issues if we spend more time sitting than standing. The sedentary nature of many jobs can be tied to obesity, cardiovascular disease, bad cholesterol and more. As you can see in the infographic below from Medical Billing and Coding, sitting sucks — or as they put it Sitting Kills.

The eye catching infographic doesn’t just show you why sitting is a problem, it offers up some tips for getting out of your chair during the day including stretching and walking around the office. If you can’t get a standing desk, we recommended finding reasons to walk  around the office or around the block to keep moving. When you get home at night, try to avoid spending 3 hours plopped in front of the TV as that will also increase your chance of heart disease. Instead, try to watch at least one show on a treadmill or while you stand and fold clothes.

These tips are good starters, but if you really want to make a difference you should break up with your office chair and get a standing desk. We have just showed you how to take the measurements and create your own standing desk, and our review of the Ergotron WorkFit S shows you an affordable sit stand desk solution that can be used on any traditional desk. However you do it, we hope you’ll stop sitting so much and  stand up for a healthier you.

We may seem like we harp and nag on standing up, but sitting is a real big problem, and we want to help you find little ways to join us in taking better care of ourselves. How else will we live long enough to see jetpacks, flying cars and cell phones that are implanted in our heads?

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Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

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