Dr. TabletPC: Video of my Doctor’s Mobile Technology (new video)

A few months ago I started going to a young doctor in San Francisco who uses mobile technology to improve efficiency and accuracy. I blogged about my first visit, recorded a quick video and the good folks at BNet took notice. They published a video that shows Dr. John Selle’s Tablet PC and notebooks in action.

With my previous doctor I always wondered what happened to those scraps of paper he’d scribble notes on during my visits. I realized that my car had better digital maintenance records than I did. But with Dr. Selle’s system I can see my vitals being fed into my digital health records as they’re being taken.

The nurses use Dell Vostro notebooks, Dr. Selle uses a Motion Computing Tablet PC and his partner uses a Lenovo ThinkPad x61t Tablet PC.

The vast majority of American’s health records are in paper form and inaccessible in case of an emergency. If you’re searching for a new doctor I highly recommend finding one that’s up to date with technology.His system cost about $6,000 to setup and he pays about $300 per month for the EMR service.