MacBook Air Refresh Coming Soon, Prices Cut at Apple and Best Buy

We’ve been hearing about a MacBook Air refresh for several months now, and now supply shortage and price drops point to a MacBook Air refresh coming sooner rather than later. 9to5Mac reports that sources have told the publication that the global supply of MacBook Air notebooks has shrunk as we near a refresh. It is possible, but not given, that Apple will announce a MacBook Air Refresh at WWDC on June 6th alongside OS X Lion.

MacBook Air Models

We don’t expect Apple to change the look and feel of the MacBook Air, but we do anticipate a spec bump to new low power Intel Core i 2nd Generation processors, like those coming in the ASUS UX21 notebook, and the inclusion of a Thunderbolt port instead of a traditional DisplayPort.

If Apple makes the jump to 2nd Gen Intel Core i processors it is very likely that the NVIDIA GPU found in the current MacBook Air will be replaced with an integrated option like that found on the 13″ MacBook Pro. The new faster processors should give a boost in performance, especially when it comes to editing movies in iMovie or doing other demanding tasks.

If you are looking for a new MacBook Air and want the latest and greatest you should wait another month, but if you want a MacBook Air at a great price, you should check out the MacBook Air deals from Apple and BestBuy.

Apple MacBook Air Refurb Deals:

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Given the lack of MacBook Air notebooks available and the price cuts, which are rarely seen on new Apple products, we think Apple is going to release a new MacBook Air very soon, possibly as soon as next week.

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