Apple Magic Trackpad Now Yours for $69

The Apple Magic Trackpad, a large multitouch mousing trackpad, is now available direct from Apple for $69. The Apple Magic Trackpad had been outed on several occasions by the FCC and other parties and it is now official.

The Magic Trackpad brings the multitouch experience of a Macbook to the Desktop with a glass covered mousing surface that looks nice sitting next to the standard Apple Bluetooth wireless keyboard. The Magic Trackpad supports the multitouch gestures like scroll, swipe and rotate.

The glass covered mousing surface is 80% larger than the surface on a Macbook and connects to your OSX 10.6 powered Mac via Bluetooth.

While the Apple Magic Trackpad is geared towards desktop users who want a multi-touch experience it will work with Apple MacBooks to give users a larger mobile mousing surface.

The Apple Magic Trackpad runs on 2 AA batteries and is available now in the Apple Store.

Apple Magic Trackpad Gallery:

Via Engadget.

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