Intel Chipset Error Affects Apple MacBook Refresh

Intel Sandy Bridge Launch Confirmed for CES on Jan 5

When Intel announced that it had a flaw in its new SandyBridge processor platform, the computer manufacturers of the world including Apple were put into difficult situations as customers are likely waiting for the new platform to ship before buying high end notebook computers.

The MacBook Pro line of computers is due a refresh and we’ve been seeing rumors that one was imminent until Intel revealed the problem.

As we reported and Apple Insider confirmed, mobile computers are affected by the problem. The new chipset won’t be ready till late February meaning a new MacBook Pro won’t come for another month at least.

The problem was in the chipset’s faulty SATA controllers. They could fail after a while due to essentially a combination of too much electricity and a very fine piece of wire.

It does seem unusual to say a computer that has not been announced is delayed. This is all based on conjecture and rumor. But the main point is that if you were planning on forking over the big bucks on a new computer and wanted one with the latest/greatest from Intel, you will have to wait till Spring to do so. We still recommend waiting a couple of months if you can. If you need a new laptop now, you might as well go ahead and get one though, since the new computers won’t be coming in the next few weeks.

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