Is Apple Dumping Intel for ARM?

At our sister site Chuong Ngyen posted that Apple may be dumping Intel to switch their entire Mac lineup over to ARM processors. If true it would be the second ...

A look into Apple iPad’s A4 processor

The Apple iPad is out and everyone is talking about it.  But, no one has really taken a moment to realize something.  Apple has created their own processor for ...
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Intel Core 2 Extreme Notebook Processors Coming Soon

Intel Core 2 Duo ExtremeIntel will start selling a mobile version of the Core 2 Extreme processor for high-end gaming notebooks sometime during the third quarter of this year. Intel's Sean Maloney announced the new chip at Computex in Taipei.
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Toshiba to Offer AMD Powered Notebooks

Toshiba will offer notebooks with AMD processors for the first time since 2000. This is a major shift froa Toshiba's all-Intel strategy. About 20% of Toshiba's ...
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AMD Puma Mobile Platform Coming in 2008

AMD NotebooksAMD's new Puma platform will roll out in the middle of 2008, which includes AMD's next-generation "Griffin" notebook processor and AMD RS780 mobile chipset. Puma is designed to deliver battery life, graphics and video processing enhancements and improved overall system performance for an enhanced visual experience.