Fast, Efficient, Battery Friendly Processors Coming From Intel in January

intel_core_i5Gizmodo is reporting that Intel will release 17 new chips in early January, likely at CES. Several of these new chips, like the Core i5, are headed towards notebooks and thanks to many improvements will offer longer battery life without sacrificing power.

For the general consumer these smaller chips which measure 32nm, a drop from the 45nm chips on the market today, will provide longer battery life, cooler running laptops and better overall performance.

Gizmodo compares this update of the mobile processor line to the efficiency breakthrough of several years past when Intel was able to make Core 2 Duo chips fly while conserving battery power.

Since we haven’t seen an incredible breakthrough in battery technology; advances in efficiency like these are good news for mobile workers who don’t want to sacrifice power or weight for great battery life.

Bottom Line: If you want a new notebook, and you can wait until January to buy, wait.

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