3 Reasons You Want Your 2013 Notebook Today

Intel showed off a new processor this week that the company claims can last for 24 hours and uses such low amounts of power that it can run off solar power.

Ideally this technology will come to your notebook in 2013, and deliver longer battery life than the current iPad or your lognest lasting notebooks.

The Haswell processors are expected to build on the Ivy Bridge platform which is set to come out next year with DirectX 11 and Open GL support right on the integrated graphics.



3 Reasons You Want Your 2013 Notebook Today

24 Hour Battery Life

Intel claims that these new notebooks will be able to last 24 hours on a single charge. Literal all day computing without spending obscene amounts of money, lugging around 4 external batteries and enough power to actually use your computer.

10 Days Standby

Go ahead and put your new notebook in standby mode for up to 10 days, and when you pick it up all of your files and emails will still be synced. The low power consumption can keep your notebook running for 10 days while the display is off without cutting the Internet connection.

Solar Powered Notebook

The power consumption on these new notebooks is so low that the devices can actually be powered by the Sun. Forget wireless laptop charging, Solar powered notebooks don’t even need a power brick. While we have seen a few solar-powered netbooks, this processor uses 20 times less power and can run from the juice supplied by the sun or the lights in your office.

Here’s  look at a notebook using this new technology and running on solar power at IDF 2011

Are you ready for a new low power solar powered notebook that can last all day? I know I am looking forward to making that purchase.

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