HP CoolSense 2.0 Detects If You’re Using Laptop on Lap or Table (Video)

HP has updated its CoolSense technology, now in version 2.0, which can automatically detect how a user uses their notebooks and adjust the performance and cooling of their laptops automatically. What this means for the consumer is better performing machines and, more importantly, no more leg burns!

HP CoolSense 2.0 Demo Video

The technology is essentially the same as version 1.0, but HP has made the widget and icon easier to access. The hope is that users will set the preferences once and won’t ever have to worry about the cooling mechanisms on their HP notebooks thereafter as CoolSense 2.0 is supposed to kick in automatically.

Here’s how CoolSense is supposed to work after you’ve managed to configure the settings through the widget:

  • Automatic detection: By leveraging the motion sensor in your HP laptop, CoolSense will be able to detect whether or not you are using the laptop on your lap or desk. If you’re using the laptop on your lap, for example, CoolSense will optimize your system’s performance to run cooler so you don’t burn your legs or scorch your skin. The underside carriage of your laptop is supposed to run cooler when CoolSense detects you’re using it on your lap, as well as the palm rest areas.
  • Design: In addition to the software detection mechanism, there are also hardware considerations when designing vents to channel heat away from the user.
  • User preferences: CoolSense 2.0 is a one-time setup that allows users to set their preferences for maximum cooling–which means that fan might be running a lot, quiet mode, or optimized performance to balance power and heat output.


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