MacBook Air Lock Secures Your Air with a Case

The MacBook Air is incredibly portable, which is great for taking it to your local coffee shop, but it doesn’t have a security slot which makes securing it a hassle. Maclocks seems to have solved this problem with the MacBook Air Lock and Security Case.

macbook air lock

MacBook Air lock

The MacBook Air Lock and Security Case will allow you to lock your MacBook Air to a table or other solid structure, much like you would any other notebook, but in order to add a secure slot to the MacBook Air you will need to attach a case to your MacBook Air.

Because you are trying to secure the MacBook Air, you won’t want a case like the Speck SeeThru MacBook Air case that snaps on and off easily, but rather a secure case that can’t be easily removed.

The MacBook Air Lock and Security Case attaches to your MacBook Air, becoming a part of the svelte device and adds the Kensington lock slot to the back right corner. According to Maclocks, you can snap the case on like any other, or screw it in place using five screws that replace those that come with the MacBook Air. Maclocks includes the tool you need to replace these screws.

MacBook Air Lock and Case

MacBook Air Lock and Case

Based on the item description the case comes with a base, that contains the MacBook Air lock mechanism, and a cover which protects the top of your MacBook Air. There are no pictures of the actual case, so you will probably want to wait until more info comes out before ordering.

Personally we would love to be able to lock the MacBook Air up, but based on this solution we will just keep closing it and taking it with us to the bathroom. Since it resumes from sleep so fast, it’s not that much of a hassle.

You can pre order the MacLocks MacBook Air Lock and Security Case for the 11 inch MacBook Air and for the 13″ MacBook Air today for $79.95 each, with delivery expected in early April.

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