Apple opens biggest, baddest retail store ever in NYC’s Upper West Side

Apple’s latest work of art isn’t a laptop or a phone – it’s a new retail store.

Opening at 10am on November 14 (tomorrow morning as I write this), the Upper West Side store boasts an all-glass arched roof and a 45-foot genius bar. It also houses Apple’s largest training and support area, and more Apple products than any other store in the world.

The first 2,500 visitors to the newest iMecca will receive a free, commemorative t-shirt. But you better show up early – Apple store openings are known for the long-lines of Mac fanboys and gawkers.



The grandeur and scope of Manhattan’s fourth Apple store may seem strange to some. Likewise for Apple’s new significant stores” strategy, with it’s emphasis on flashy stores in major markets. In a time where many consumers are turning away from brick-and-mortar stores, and many companies are cutting costs, Apple appears to be moving in the opposite direction.

But it’s working for them, particularly in New York. Apple recently posted it most profitable quarter ever, thanks in large part to it’s retail locations, and Apple’s 5th Avenue location is among that shopping areas highest grossing retailers ever.

Is anyone in the New York area going to check this place out? I’d love to know what you think, so share your comments below or on twitter. And feel free to send me a t-shirt. Size: medium.

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