New MacBook Pro Arriving Thursday? Shipments Held, Sealed Packages Arriving Soon

It looks like the wait for new MacBook Pros may finally be drawing to a close. We have had multiple rumors pointing to not only a spec upgrade but also a design upgrade for new MacBook Pro models over the past few weeks and now it looks like we finally have a real target date for a Macbook Pro refresh, Thursday February 24th.

The new evidence comes via several sources which are reporting that the current MacBook Pro models have a ship date of 3-5 days, much longer than the normal 24 hours, and now reports that Apple Stores will be receiving sealed shipments this week for a refresh of the MacBook Pro line.

The new MacBook Pro refresh isn’t set in stone, but with sealed packages arriving in stores, leaked design changes and all other rumors considered you should hold off on a new MacBook Pro for a few more days. If you’ve just purchased a MacBook Pro, you may want to keep it wrapped up or look into returning it so that you get the latest and greatest.

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