Apple Takes Top Honors for Product Placement

Think back to the last movie or TV show you watched. Now try to remember the computer that the protagonist used, odds are it was an Apple notebook, iPhone or iPad since Apple products showed up in 30 percent of the 2010 top blockbusters. Apple was honored with the Brandcameo Overall Product Placement award for the ubiquity of Apple in movies.

The awards are given by Brandchannel which found Apple products in numerous movies including “The Social Network”, “Iron Man 2” and “The Other Guys” to name a few. The product cameos range from a brief appearance to essential to the plot in “The Other Guys” where Will Ferrell is actually developing an app for the iPhone.

While the awards don’t focus on TV, it’s also an Apple world on many popular shows. It seems that despite poor AT&T coverage everyone on the CSI cast was in love with the iPhone in 2010 as were agents on NCIS and NCIS LA.

Microsoft has tried, with the inclusion of Windows Logos on notebooks on numerous shows like Psych, but the branding isn’t as noticeable as the laptops never get the big screen time that Apple products get. It also doesn’t help that the laptops are just a plain black laptop, not one that users could buy.

The Big Bang Theory, a show about geeks, is probably the most easily recognizable use of Windows powered laptops with the main characters favoring Dell Alienware laptops. Then again, Sheldon seems to be a Linux user who prefers Linux.

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