MacBook Air 3G Inbound? Survey Says Yes

The MacBook Air is a great portable computer, but one thing missing from the Air, that you’ll find on other business and consumer ultraportables, is a built in 3G connection. While you can use a USB Modem, MiFi or turn your phone into a hotspot; many users prefer the convenience of having a 3G connection built into their laptop.

A new survey, spotted by AppleInsider, reveals that Apple is very interested in how you use your MacBook Air. Specifically Apple asks numerous questions about how you use 3G cellular connectivity with your MacBook Air. From where you use it, to how often you use it, Apple wants to know about your 3G habits. Apple also asked users what keys and ports they commonly use on the MacBook Air, perhaps looking to slim down even further.

This survey points towards the possibility that we will see a MacBook Air 3G come later this year when the MacBook Air models are rumored to get an update to the latest Sandy Bridge processors from Intel.

While built in 3G doesn’t provide the same flexibility as a portable hotspot or a USB modem, it is becoming more common. Recently the Google Chrome Notebook Cr-48 was launched with a built in Verizon 3G and 100MB of free data a month. While it is unlikely that Apple would offer free 3G, perhaps we will see a MacBook Air with a no contract easy on/easy off 3G plan like you can find on the iPad.

Via SlashGear

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