DeskBook Pro Dock for Mac or PC

If you want a desktop experience with the portability of a notebook and don’t want to unplug a dozen cables every time you go somewhere a docking station is a great solution. To address this need, Zemno has created the DeskBook Pro. This new docking station adds more functionality to any laptop, providing a solution between laptop and desktop.

Zemno’s DeskBook Pro works with any Mac or PC, including laptops AND desktops. However, it is designed to perfectly match the 15″ unibody MacBook Pro. By plugging in your computer’s USB port and FireWire port to the corresponding ports on the DeskBook Pro, the following additional connections are added.

  • 7 USB ports
  • 3 FireWire 800 ports
  • 1 FireWire 400 port
  • 1 ESATA Data port
  • 1 ESATA Power Connection
  • 1 Audio Stereo In/Out
  • Flash Card Reader

In addition to all of these ports, the DeskBook Pro has two ModBays on the front. The user can have a battery and a 500GB hard drive, or two of either (1TB of storage, or two batteries). The batteries allow the dock to be used without being plugged into the wall, giving you a pseudo mobile desktop.

The DeskBook Pro also features an Ethernet port and a DVI-out. The DVI-out enables the connection of a third monitor.

All of this functionality does not come cheap. The DeskBook Pro is priced at $600. Adding in a 500GB hard drive will set you back another $180 ($360 if you fill both ModBays). The battery pack option costs $150 each. One of each will drive the overall price up to $929.

The DeskBook Pro is currently available for pre-order, internationally, with an estimated July delivery date.

If you don’t need a Modbay and a form-fitting Mac solution, you should check out a USB dock like the HP USB Dock, HP USB Media Dock or another DisplayLink powered dock that will provide similar functionality for between $99 and $150. DisplayLink provides Mac drivers on their website.

Via Wired, Zemno

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