iPad 2 Might Only Have a 1MP Camera

Will the iPad 2 camera only be 1 MP? That is what 9 to 5 Mac is suggesting based on the latest SDK from Apple which hints to that effect. The newest iPod Touch only has a .7MP camera on the back which was able to shoot in 720p video. While that’s good enough for HD video, image capture with that low a resolution will not be high quality. The idea must be that Apple intends users to use this more for video than a high quality photo shooting, like the iPhone 4, which has a great camera on the back.


9 to 5 Mac speculates that the low resolution is due to the tapered casing of the iPad. Anything larger might not fit along the edges. The above image is entitle K94, which they say is the internal code name for the iPad 2, according to their sources.

We think it might be a cost cutting measure since Apple is likely under pressure to keep the iPad’s price close to the current model, which starts at $500 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only. Does anyone really want to shoot a lot pictures with something as big and bulky as an iPad? It’s a great form factor for tablet use, but not photography.

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