iTunes May Soon Allow Unlimited Downloads to All Your Devices

If Apple gets its way, the company will soon let users download their music to whatever device they own an unlimited number of times. This isn’t the long rumored subscription service which would give you access to an “unlimited” amount fo music; instead it would allow you to use your iTunes purchased music like you do Amazon Kindle books.

Right now, if you purchase a song from iTunes you get to download it once, and then are responsible for backing it up and transferring it to your other computers and devices. You can authorize a limited number of computers. According to Bloomberg, Apple is working with the music labels to get an unlimited download program in place which would allow users to purchase once and download anywhere.

This means you could potentially purchase a song on your iPhone, download it and being listening like normal. Before you synced up with your computer, you could also download the song on your MacBook, Windows PC, netbook and your iPad. Just like you can re-download your apps or your kindle books multiple times on multiple devices, you would be able to re-download your music.

This would be a big win for users who currently waste time getting their music on their devices, after they have already purchased and downloaded to one location. If Apple is able to negotiate this deal, it could be a portion of the reason behind the North Carolina data center which had been expected to support a relaunch of MobileMe and cloud streaming of iTunes.

Right now, it looks like Apple wants this feature, but it could be blocked by music industry execs, who want more money. More than likely, the record companies will continue to think like record companies, and fight the idea or ask for an extra fee to be lobbied for the privilege of using the music you have already purchased.