The Best Navigation apps for iPhone and Android ranked by Gizmodo

If you are looking for a good turn-by-turn navigation app for your iPhone or Android phone, then Gizmodo has a nice comparison review offering what they believe to be the top three  navigation apps on each platform.

Gixmodo has a full rundown of why each app is ranked where it is and screen caps to show you what the app looks like in use. If you just want to know the winners so you can grab the Gold Medal apps then check out the box scores below.

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Top iPhone GPS Apps

1. MotionXDrive good value for price; $1 for the iPhone app or $3 for the iPad app plus either $25 for a year subscription or $3 for a monthly subscription.

2. Navigon maps are stored locally so works even without connection; $20 for the Eastern US maps or $50 for the entire country.

3. MapQuest 4 Mobile picked because it is free

Top Android GPS Apps

1. Google Maps Navigation has it all plus it’s free

2. CoPilot Live picked because it has a pleasant voice and works even without reception; $20 for lifetime use

3. Waze has a social networking component which makes it interesting; free

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