HP Pavilion dm1 w/ AMD Fusion APU Introduced (video)

HP’s new Pavilion dm1z, an affordable thin and light notebook. Starting at just $449, the Pavilion dm1z has an 11.6″ display and measures less than an inch thick. The Pavilion dm1 features AMD’s Fusion APU technology, which offers a significantly better graphics experience than what you’ll find on most netbooks in this price range.

HP claims that the Pavilion dm1 can run for over 10 hours under ideal conditions. While users might not be able see that kind of battery performance in the real world, all-day computing should be within reach.

One of the shortcomings of netbooks and affordable ultraportable notebooks is graphics performance. Videos often stutter and relatively basic video games can be unplayable on netbooks and notebooks with integrated graphics. Discrete graphics (GPU) solve these problems, but the side effects of improved graphics are often higher prices and significantly shorter battery life. AMD’s APU technology is power efficient and is allows the dm1 to smoothly play back HD movies.

The HP Pavilion dm1 will be available next week starting at $449. We expect to see the dm1 for under $400 in the coming months, making it a great buy for those looking for mobility on a budget. Whil

The dm1 will come in several retail configurations and shoppers will be able to build it to order at HP.com.

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