Google eBook Store Editions Coming Soon

To compete with Amazon, the 900 pound gorilla in eBooks, and Apple’s upstart iBooks, Google is finally going to launch the long awaited eBook store with the name Editions, according to a report by Bloomberg. The report cites someone “familiar with the company’s plans” as their source but also received confirmation from Google spokesperson Michael Kirkland, who said it would launch this month.


It was not a secret that Google was planning such a venture, but up until now the launch date had been unknown. We still don’t know exactly which publisher have singed on, but we do know how Google intends to set itself apart from other eBook stores. A report in the Wall Street Journal (via International Business Times) states that the Google’s Editions will sell books that will be readable in any electronic format one might want, with a philosophy of “buy anywhere, read anywhere.” This is something you can’t do if you buy an eBook from Amazon or iBooks, even thoguh thanks to Kindle apps you can read your Amazon eBooks in many places. Another difference, is that publishers will make a higher percentage of each sale.

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