HP EliteBook 2540p Review (video)

There are a lot of cheap laptops floating around these days, but when you’ve got your career on the line you should invest in a professional-grade laptop. One such laptop is the HP EliteBook 2540p. In this video review, we’ll show you what makes the EliteBook 2540p ready for years of use and abuse.

As you can see in the above video, the HP EliteBook 2540p has several durability features that help prevent downtime. A spill-resistent keyboard might not sound like the sexiest feature in the world…until a stewardess dumps a drink on your laptop while you’re en-route to meet a client.

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The HP EliteBook 2540p is a rock-solid ultraportable that most business professionals would be glad to have.

It’s small enough to slip in a large purse or a small shoulder bag comfortably. Some users will be able to carry it with one hand. Its portability make it a much better solution for mobile users than the 14″ and 15″ notebooks that are standard issue at most large companies.

There used to be a big performance trade off when moving from a full-sized notebook to an ultraportable. That’s no longer the case. The HP EliteBook 2540p feels snappy when using Microsoft Office and other business applications. It played back online videos just fine and the overall user experience was very smooth.  This is due in large part to the Intel Core i7 processor technology and 4GB of RAM.

So why don’t more businesses offer their employees the 2540p instead of its bigger cousins? Cost and screen size. The HP EliteBook 2540p costs $1,649 (as configured), which is almost double the cost of a mid-grade business notebook. The purchase price of a business notebook is a fraction of the total cost of ownership and we think businesses will be more than able to make up for the extra cost in the form of increased productivity. Another common complaint about ultraportables is their relatively small screen size. A 12.1″ display does take some getting used to and a desktop display and docking station are a necessity if you pull eight hour shifts at your desk.

The HP EliteBook 2540p is a machine that we’re comfortable recommending to just about any mobile professional.

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