New Macbook Air Laptops Gain Consumer Reports Approval

Consumer Reports issued an announcement today regarding the new Apple MacBook Air models. No, there’s not a AirGate, quite the opposite in fact. Consumer Reports gave both the 11.6″ MacBook Air and the 13.3″ MacBook Air a “recommended” rating.

If you are a Consumer Reports subscriber you can gain access to the full listing of Consumer Reports Laptop Ratings, but thanks to the AllThingsD blog we do know that the MacBook Air 11.6″ model scored a 67 out of 100, beating out it’s rival by 16 points. The larger 13.3″ MacBook Air model scored an impressive 78 out of 100, beating it’s closest rival by only two points.

The larger MacBook Air’s competition was the Toshiba Portege R705, a 13.3″ ultraportable that won our Editor’s Choice award when we recently reviewed it. It doesn’t hurt that in addition to great specs and a small package the R705 includes Intel WiDi and can be found for as low as $780!

Given our experience with the new MacBook Air 13.3″ model we’re too surprised that it received a recommended rating from Consumer Reports.

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