White iPhone 4 Coming Late July

If you have been holding off to get the new iPhone 4 in white, be prepared to wait a bit longer. Apple just announced that the White iPhone 4 model will not be available until the second half of July.

Apple and AT&T have had trouble meeting demand of the iPhone at all, so it’s not a surprise to see that they are delaying the release of the white version several weeks but according to Apple the white iPhone isn’t being delayed because of demand for the black version. Rather it’s a manufacturing issue.

It’s still unclear how the white model of the iPhone 4 is, “more challenging to manufacture than expected,” but Ars Technica points out it could be due to discoloration issues with white casing; a problem that has affected other white Apple products.

The news release from Apple notes that the availability of the black iPhone 4 is not affected.

Via Techcrunch

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