Dell Phases Out Adamo and Plans MacBook Air Competitor

The Dell Adamo was a thin ultra-portable competitor to Apple’s MacBook Air that has been discounted several times over the past months and was recently phased out. It appears that Dell isn’t leaving the ultraportable laptop market, but instead planning a MacBook Air competitor.

CNet report that Dell is working on a new model that will be released sometime in the next six months. It will not be under the Adamo name, but will just be added to one of Dell’s already existing lineups, like the XPS.

There is little info yet on specs or pricing. But it will likely be in line with the MacBook Air, now the standard for light, ultra-portable notebooks. The lowest priced Macbook Air is $999 for an 11″ model with a 64GB SSD and 2GB of RAM and only an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. With the release of next generation processor and graphics chips from both AMD and Intel, we can bet the successor to the Adamo will likely have a little more oomph in the processor spec than the Air at a lower price.

Unfortunately for Dell, it appears Apple is going to be upgrading the Air already with the new Sandy Bridge platform from Intel.

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