Hands on with the New MacBook Air

Our publisher Xavier was able to go hands on with the new 11.6″ MacBook Air recently and calls the new thing and light device the, “Future of notebooks.”

In addition to giving a good look at the $999 MacBook Air Xavier shares his first impressions and a video of the 11.6″ MacBook Air in action. Users with large hands or the desire for a nice keyboard should take note that Xavier found the 11.6″ MacBook Air to deliver a solid typing experience.

Here’s a short snippet from Xavier’s hands on with the MacBook Air:

Battery Lfie: The 11.6″ MacBook Air is rated to last for up to five hours. I’m not exactly sure what settings Apple tested under, but I’m pretty confident that it’ll meet that mark in the real world. While I was playing with it I noticed that the battery was at approximately 60%. The time remaining mark bounced between three hourse, when I was playing with iLife Apps and five hours when I was just opening and closing browser windows.

The Display: The display on the smaller model has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and has a matte finish. Sure beats a glossy 1024 x 600 display.


Weight: It weighs 2.3 pound thanks to its slim body and lack of extraneous components, such as the optical drive. It’s also incredibly thin.

As I mentioned above, the beauty of the new MacBook Air is not in its specs, it’s in its user experience. It addresses many of the hassles mobile users experience everyday. There’s a display that’s actually usable in varied lighting conditions and that has enough pixels to get ral work done. Guys like me with big hands don’t have to use a tiny keyboard. Its instant wake and near-instant app launching matches up with many consumers’ mobile use cases, such as having to jump online to quickly complete a task or two during a short break at school or work .”

For more information check out our detailed MacBook Air announcement post and for a collection of videos see our MacBook Air Hands on Roundup.

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