iPhone 3Gs Pre-Order Shipments Being Delayed by Apple?

I have been gleefully checking the UPS tracking number on my pre-ordered iPhone 3Gs as it heads stateside from Shenzhen China into my loving hands. Although Apple had promised that the device would be here by the 19th (the same day as everyone else will be waiting in line to purchase theirs or receive their reserved pre-orders), the tracking number has been telling me that my iPhone was due to arrive a day early. Similar reports have been posted stating that many of those who were able to pre-order on the first day were also led to believe they would have their hands on the devices 1-2 days earlier than the actual release date. A recent check on my tracking number shows that either someone is impersonating me and has asked to delay the shipment or Apple is purposefully delaying shipments so they do not arrive any sooner than the 19th. Why would Apple go through all this trouble? I am not quite sure, but I wish my expectations were not set on “early arrival” by UPS early this week. The status currently says “THE RECEIVER REQUESTED A HOLD FOR A FUTURE DELIVERY DATE. UPS WILL ATTEMPT DELIVERY ON DATE REQUESTED”. I am the “receiver” no?


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