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Update and Rejoice! iPhone OS 3.0 is Available to Download Now

The new update came in at a fairly slim 230 MB and took me about 10-15 minutes to complete. To my knowledge, that was an extremely fast update compared to last year's 2.0. For those of you who have not updated yet, here is a quick checklist for you before you get into all the 3.0 goodness.

iPhone 3Gs Pre-Order Shipments Being Delayed by Apple?

I have been gleefully checking the UPS tracking number on my pre-ordered iPhone 3Gs as it heads stateside from Shenzhen China into my loving hands. Although Apple had promised that the device would be here by the 19th (the same day as everyone else will be waiting in line to purchase theirs or receive their reserved pre-orders), the tracking number has been telling me that my iPhone was due to arrive a day early. Apple seems to have changed their minds.

3 Devices the iPhone 3Gs Will Keep You From Buying

As I watched the latest announcement of Apple's iPhone 3Gs I kept thinking to myself "This thing is going to replace the need to carry around so many other gadgets.". I am sure I am not the only one who felt this way. In order to better illustrate what I mean I compiled a shortlist of devices that many people are frequently purchasing or commonly use on a daily basis and how the iPhone 3Gs will change that.

3 Reasons the iPhone 3Gs is Not For You

It doesn't take much more than a stroll around the web to see what everyone and their mother is talking about. Apple unveiled its rumored and highly anticipated iPhone 3Gs yesterday at the WWDC keynote presentation. Besides a number of significant hardware and software upgrades, they also decided to drop the price of their 8GB 3G (notice, no "s") model to a mere $99 with the hope that even the dude in charge of the fries at the local burger joint will be sending SMS messages to his girlfriend in between orders. If you are the previously mentioned "Fry Guy" I felt it might be important to share a few reasons why the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs devices might not be for you.

Review of the Ipevo TR-10 Speakerphone for Skype & iChat

The TR-10 is perfectly shaped to plug into an available usb port and place right next to you on your desk or coffee table. Do you find yourself using Skype or iChat for group conference calls, huddling around a single computer trying to understand what's being said by the people on the other side? Just get one of these puppies and place it in the middle of the huddle. The TR-10 is pretty loud and does a good job of making sure your voice is heard by those listening to you one the other line.

Supersize Your Computer and Mobile Devices with Zumodrive (Video)

Yesterday Zecter Inc. opened up their very interesting cloud storage service called Zumodrive to public beta users. Zumodrive, which has been in private beta for some time, is a cloud based storage service with a few additional tricks up its sleeve. "Cloud Storage that Feels Local" says the their homepage.

Now Share Large Files the Easy Way with Mobile Me

Apple recently released a couple updates to their cloud storage and syncing Mobile Me service. The relatively quiet updates have brought a few significant changes and upgrades to application that helps you keep files synched between your Mac, PC, and iPhone
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Rickshaw Bagworks – Beyond the bag (w/video)

I cannot tell you how bored I have been when searching for a decent laptop bag for my Macbook Pro. I am always looking for a bag that has the right balance of style, function, and of course price. While at Macworld I think I discovered a brilliant bag maker that goes above and beyond in a variety of ways.

Macworld 2009: Eikon Digital Privacy Manager & 1Password (Video)

How many passwords do you use daily logging on and off your computer, your favorite social network, or to pay bills online? Some of us don't have much of an issue with this because our browsers autofill and remember much of that information for us, but is that really safe? What if you lost your notebook or even worse, it was stolen? I may have found a great solution to ease your woes and make you look incredibly cool as you slide you instantly log onto your computer with the swipe of your finger!
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Macworld 2009: Day 1 First Impressions

I am currently at Macworld and have been since the keynote. One of the questions asked frequently by those who are not attending is "So, how is it compared to p...

Macworld 2009: Skype Updates & Partnership (Video)

One of my favorite chat and VoIP services Skype announced their new release for the Mac. The Skype 2.8 beta should be available by the time this article is posted and features a couple significant upgrades. Watch the video for more.

Does Macworld need Apple?

For over 20 years Apple fanboys and enthusiasts have congregated to an annual event known as Macworld Expo. As a lover of Apple products myself, I have attended the expo the last two years and will be sharing my experience at Macworld 2009 here at You may have heard that Apple recently announced that Macworld Expo 2009 would be their last. Apple does not organize the event so this does not mean it will be canceled, but without them does that mean that expo is done for? Will fanboys weep in the streets the first full week of January each year? Not anytime soon.

Review: B-Flex 2 Hi-Fi Stereo USB Speaker for Laptops

Have you ever used your laptop as a portable media player or hooked it up to a projector for a presentation at the office? If you have, chances are you also strained your ears to listen to the weak sound trickling out from the underpowered speakers. Want an affordable and portable solution? Then try the B-Flex 2 USB speakers from Jlabs.

Review: iTrip Universal by Griffin Technology

I have used a number of of FM radio adapters like the iTrip in the past, but Griffin has done a great job at improving upon previous approaches. The iTrip is not only for iPods. Any device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack will do, including a laptop.
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Review: Shure SE102MPA Sound Isolating Mobile Headset (video)

The SE102 MPA is the least expensive in the line of 5 headphone/microphone combos made by Shure, the leader in performance microphones since the 1930's. Considering it's roots, this microphone headset has a reputation to live up to. Continue reading for our video review