3 Devices the iPhone 3Gs Will Keep You From Buying

As I watched the latest announcement of Apple’s iPhone 3Gs I kept thinking to myself “This thing is going to replace the need to carry around so many other gadgets.”. I am sure I am not the only one who felt this way. In order to better illustrate what I mean I compiled a shortlist of devices that many people are frequently purchasing or commonly use on a daily basis and how the iPhone 3Gs will change that.

  1. Flip Video Camera:

    The very handy Flip Video camera has been selling like hot cakes over the last year. I recently hosted an event and saw no less than 10 of the 50 attendees using their Flip Video cameras to capture the action. Their size and ease of use make them a great device for people who don’t want to deal with all kinds of buttons and lenses. The devices have become to popular that Cisco Systems took notice and recently acquired Pure Digital Technologies Inc., the company that makes the Flip Video camera.

    If it’s so cool, why will the iPhone 3Gs keep you from buying this?

    One of the most significant upgrades to the iPhone with the 3Gs model is the ability to shoot video. Apple recognized that users shot more photos with the iPhone than any other mobile device over the last couple years. With that said, Apple has invested some extra effort into their latest model. The 3Gs model now captures VGA (640 x 480) resolution video at 30 frames per second. Not everyone has their Flip Video camera with them at all times, but you almost always have your iPhone with you. I am sure we will see a surge in iPhone video sharing over the next 6 months.


  2. GPS System:

    I received my first GPS only a couple years ago from my wife as a gift. After using it for only a couple of weeks I realized that it was a device that I would soon miss if anything ever happened to “Jason” (that was the name of the voice we chose on the GPS to announce the turn-by-turn direction). Eventually someone did break into my car one evening and kidnap poor Jason. Not long after I purchased another GPS to fill my need to aimlessly roam about the state without worrying I would ever get lost. Long before I first used “Jason” GPS systems were already being used by many on the dashboards of their cars and quickly became more compact and portable. For those who travel for business or like to get out and explore the countryside, GPS are a lifesaver.

    If it’s so cool, why will the iPhone 3Gs keep you from buying this?

    It took some time, but the first generation iPhone eventually got what I would call ‘GPS like” functionality. It really didn’t do a great job doing much more than detecting your location within 3 miles of where you where standing. The iPhone 3G improved upon that adding a real GPS chip. Now, with the addition of the magnetic compass and a new application from Tom Tom, the iPhone 3Gs brings the complete package. I am eagerly awaiting the release of the new Tom To app and car kit. 90% of the addresses I need are already store in my iPhone contacts. Stack on support for hands free calling and and the ability to play your iPod music on your car stereo and your golden!

  3. Nintendo DS:

    The Nintendo DS handheld gaming device has single handedly kept Nintendo alive during the trying years before their latest big hit, the Wii. Recently Nintendo released an updated handheld gaming system called the “DSI”. This upgrade features the same fun collection of games to choose from with the addition of things such as a small digital camera, support for playing Mp3’s, and a web browser for surfing the web. All great additions to a solid device tat has been sought after by millions each holiday season. No other handheld gaming system has been able to get close.

    If it’s so cool, why will the iPhone 3Gs keep you from buying this?

    iphone-games-scrabble-20081117What’s better than a hugely successful handheld gaming device to keep you company on long trips and boring evenings? How about a hugely successful device that doubles as one of the best handheld media players on the planet, captures great photos/video, has a full featured web browser? The iPhone has all of that and has proven itself over the last year as one of the best handheld gaming devices available. Although Nintendo has positioned the DSI to be an device worthy of being carried in tow by adults and kids alike. But lets get real, what would you rather pull out of your bag on a crowded bus or while waiting in line? Although the Nintendo DSI has quite the array well known game titles to choose from, the convenience of having dozens of great titles right on your iPhone make the device extremely popular. The iTunes app store has made Apple millions of dollars and has blossomed the carriers of many independent developers who keep churning out a never ending supply of games. Out of the 20 categories represented on the iTunes app store, the lion’s share of downloads are from the “Games” category. These games will continue to keep many casual gamers busy for some time to come.

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