Now Share Large Files the Easy Way with Mobile Me

Apple recently released a couple updates to their cloud storage and syncing Mobile Me service. The relatively quiet updates have brought a few significant changes and upgrades to application that helps you keep files synched between your Mac, PC, and iPhone. The first thing existing users will notice is the look of the new sign in page. Still simple and clean, but now with the addition of a Mobile Me related news feed. 


On February 12th Apple added a feature to enable Mobile Me users to quickly and easily share large files with others. In the past many people would resort to using popular services like to send large files, multiple megabytes in size, to others without having to upload them to a personal host or server. Now when you select an individual file you see an option to the right to “Share File…”. Simply fill in the recipient’s email address and enter a message and your file is ready to be sent. You also have the option to password protect the file or kill the link after a specific number of days. In order to send multiple files you must select multiple files and in the ‘List of Actions” menu on the top choose to compress the files into one package. Then select that file and share as mentioned previously.


more recent update on February 25th reveals some improved performance related updates:


  • Compose window address selector shows all email addresses for contacts, not just home and work addresses.
  • Newly added email addresses to Contacts appear in the compose window selector without having to logout and login.
  • Improved printing of HTML formatted messages.


  • vCard export supports all text fields.
  • Improved results when searching with both first and last names.
  • Improved Japanese name ordering.


  • Faster start time when accessing Calendar for the first time.
  • Faster performance when switching between day/week/month views.
  • Calendar now retains your last view settings, such as day, week, or month view, as well as showing or hiding the To Do panel.

Apple has come quite a long way since the fiasco of the initial Mobile Me launch. The addition of these easy file sharing features could make it a more appealing offering for some who have been on the fence. What do you think? Do you have a Mobile Me account? What feature do you feel Apple should focus on next?

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