New iPod Touch Vibrates

Need more justification to purchase Apple’s latest version of the iPod Touch? The recently announced iPod touch now features a motor that will make it vibrate to alert users of incoming FaceTime calls.

The new iPod Touch closes the gap between itself and the iPhone 4. With the inclusion of Apple’s Retina Display, a front and rear-facing camera, FaceTime, and now this vibrating feature, one of the few things that separates the two devices is phone capability. However, another report claims that the iPod Touch will have phone capabilities in the form of emergency 911 calls using VOIP.

The Evidence of Vibration on the New iPod Touch:

Posted on Apple’s own website

One of the FCC’s pictures

What does the vibrate motor mean for iPod Touch users? It is very possible that the functionality will go beyond Facetime notifications. Apps that support push and other notifications may actually vibrate to notify you, just like the iPhone 4. Vibration in gaming is also another likely possibility.

The new iPod Touch is currently available from Apple with prices starting at $229 with free shipping.

Via 9to5 Mac, iPod Touch Fans

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