iPhone 4 Best Buy Pre-ordering Disappoints

When I first ordered my iPhone 4 at Best Buy I was told that I was number 12 or 13 in line. I asked the sales clerk how many 32 GB models had been ordered and he said only two. So I picked that one thinking that would be my best bet for getting one on launch day. I was wrong.

I just got off the phone with Best Buy wondering if they would be selling me a new iPhone on launch day and they said no. Apparently there were only two black 32GB models delivered to that Best Buy. Of course the person most disappointed in our house is my son who was getting the hand-me-down iPhone. The clerk said that most people ordered the 16GB model and that they only got a “handful” of those. Not sure what that means, but I was surprised that they only got 2 of the larger capacity model. No one who ordered the white iPhone 4 model will get one, even though Best Buy sales people claimed they would be getting them in on launch day.

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